Celina Bazinet

Celina realized from an early age that she has a great passion for inspiring the people around her. It is this drive that pushed her towards working in educational services. Celina has been interested in and involved with the arts and sciences for her whole life. By night, she enjoys teaching painting classes. By day, she dons her lab coat at the Discovery Center in an effort to show young people how fun, exciting, and interesting science can be.

Celina has always been drawn to science and nature. She especially enjoys learning and teaching about animals, insects, and dinosaurs. She commands a wealth of knowledge about the local fauna, and can generally tell you a fun factoid about nearly any animal you may happen to see in the area. She is notorious for beginning sentences with, “Did you know…”

In her free time, Celina enjoys the pursuit of quirky pastimes and mastering interesting – and sometimes strange – hobbies and skills. For instance, she is an accomplished fire dancer, having performed with her troupe for various local charities as well as partnering with local artists to create shows for the public. She enjoys creating multimedia art, often incorporating elements of steampunk and upcycling, as well as resin cast insects and some taxidermy. She also makes jewelry, is learning the German language, and how to ride a unicycle. She is the loving caretaker of two huge Manx cats and five tarantulas (and counting…)

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