Sci-Girl Saturdays!

Gitts-Pic-300x224Girls Rule! Expand your knowledge and get energized with Sci-Girl Saturdays. Drink and pizza included. Explore and enjoy interactive stations.

Join the DC team on scheduled Saturdays as we bring girls together to discover science in their everyday life.

Girls ages 8 – 12 yrs. 10:00 am – 1:00 pm    $25.00/Saturday / Min. 5 participants  Max. 30

February 4 – Secret Agent Science
Learn the science behind being a secret agent. Discover how to break codes, learn escape techniques, analyze crime scene evidence, and create your own secret language! Recreate tools of the trade and apply your code-breaking knowledge to diffuse a simulated bomb!

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March 11 – Cookie Cooking Chemistry
Get your lab coats ready for a tasty lesson in Chemistry! We’ll explore the science of baking and how chemical compounds interact to produce the perfect tasty treat. Take part in a laboratory test to see how ingredients affect our final product! Class features take home items and fun edible experiments.

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April 8 – What Not To Wear
From fibers to threads, heavy weave to mesh, natural materials to synthetics, our life is filled with fabric. From where it comes from to what it does, let’s experiment and craft to decide which fabrics are our favorites!

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