School Field Trips

Schedule a field trip for your students at the DC or let us come to you!

School Field Trips are not available during
the Summer Months of June, July, and August. 

Visiting the Discovery Center allows you access to many amenities provided by the City of Ocala.  Depending on your time schedule, you may wish to visit the All Children's Park at Tuscawilla, directly across the street from our building. It’s a convenient place to allow the children to let off energy before the ride home. Additionally, there are pavilions and benches available for students to have lunch.


Amazing Animals

Explore the wild world of animal science with the Discovery Center’s wide variety of animal programs.

  • Meet the Animals,
  • Animals Adaptations
  • Beatles, and Spiders, and Roaches, Oh My!

Program includes 1.5 hours of instruction, guided activities, and supplies.
PROGRAM COST:  $7.75 per student for 12-17 students, $7.00 per student for 18-25 students.

Live Animal Demonstrations

  • 4-6 animals
  • 30 minute live animal demo
  • Up to 40 students per session
  • 6 sessions maximum
  • Discussion topics are designed to be age appropriate and will correspond to Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.  Topics include
    • Animal Adaptations
    • Feathers, Fur & Scales
    • Responsible Pet Care
    • Invasive species

PROGRAM COST:  $175.00 per day.   Appropriate for K-12

Push Me, Pull Me

Push and pull magnets of different sizes and strengths during hands on activities!  Use use observation and scientific inquiry to conduct experiments and draw your own conclusions about magnetic behavior!

Program includes 1.5 hours of instruction, guided activities, and supplies.
PROGRAM COST:  $7.75 per student for 12-17 students, $7.00 per student for 18-25 students.


A highly interactive tour of the night sky that backs up Next Generation Sunshine State Standards tailored for grades 1st - 5th.  Can travel to your location.

The size of StarLab is 28 feet X 28 feet, so please make sure you facility can accommodate such a large exhibit. Unfortunately, StarLab cannot be set up outside.

PROGRAM COST:  $200.00 for 1st day, $100.00 per day thereafter (with the use of the StarLab Instructor).

Wonder. Explore. Create. Stations

Let the Discovery Center amaze your students with up to 20 short, hands-on science demonstrations and activities.  Supply us with 20 volunteers and 20 tables & we will supply the materials and instructions!  Consider bringing Snap Shot Science to your school's teacher workshops, PTA meeting, open houses or even book fairs!  Activities and experiments cover physics, anatomy, natural resource conservation, animal sciences, and many more!  PROGRAM COST:  $300.00

Mission Aerospace (February 11th - May 4th)

Students will learn about the history of flight as they solve the interactive maze! They will also put together the pieces of NASA’s Future Directives, and learn and apply the physics of flight with paper airplane and rocket launch pads. Runs concurrently with our new Mission Aerospace Exhibit.

PROGRAM COST:  $3.00 per student, $5.00 per chaperone.

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