Live Animal Demonstrations

Live Animal Demonstrations

Live animal demonstrations are a great addition to any local or school event, animal science unit, or science fair.

We have several, charismatic animals to choose from:

  • Mr. Daisy, a bearded dragon
  • Hextor, a blue-tongued skink
  • Iron Man, a peninsula cooter
  • Rosita, a Chilean, rose-haired tarantula
  • Hawaii, a hermit crab
  • Assorted giant, cave cockroaches
  • COMING SOON: Emperor scorpions and millipedes

Program Information:

  • 4-6 animals
  • 30 minute live animal demo
  • Up to 40 students per session
  • 6 sessions maximum (3 hours total)
  • Discussion topics are designed to be age appropriate and will correspond to Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.  Topics include
    • Animal Adaptations
    • Feathers, Fur & Scales
    • Responsible Pet Care
    • Invasive species

PROGRAM COST:  $175.00 per day.   Appropriate for K-12

Mr. Daisy, a charismatic bearded dragon

Iron Man, a spunky Peninsula Cooter

An adult Giant Cave Cockroach
showing off its beautiful wings

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