Kate Messenger

Originally hailing from Cincinnati Ohio, Kate Messenger spent her childhood playing outside, hunting for fossils, and exploring every museum her family cared to take her to…which was all of them. A family move brought her to Ocala at the age of 12 where she discovered the fantastic world of fresh water springs. A love of water and ecology led Kate (and Dive buddy Dad) to become a NAUI certified SCUBA diver before her 13th birthday. Eventually the entire Florida branch of the family joined in and the Diving Daniels set off for parts unknown. After spending most of her teen years underwater, it came time for Kate to pursue her next adventure.

She moved to St. Augustine and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre and Fine Art from Flagler College in 2005. Of course it is impossible to live in a place like St. Augustine Florida and not become immersed in its history and culture, so Kate worked in just about every aspect of the tour industry during her time there. From historic tours, to ghost tours, to boat tours, to blacksmithing and firing flint lock muskets; you name it, she’s probably done it…and in full costume. Kate and her family decided to move back to Ocala in 2016. She quickly found herself working at Discovery Center. She loves being able to utilize her varied interests and expertise as Exhibit Supervisor and a City Of Ocala Recycling coordinator. In her spare time Kate enjoys playing outside with her daughter, working on blacksmith projects with her husband, and generally being awesome. Every day is an adventure! Find yours!

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